Customer Management

Customer Delight Guaranteed.

Account Management

Manage detailed profiling of all types of stakeholders ranging from customers to suppliers using our centralized account management.

Capture high quality images of your accounts by connecting to online storage services like dropbox, google drive and many more.

Our GST compliant system enables us to store all GST related information of your accounts to use across the application.


Accounts Group

Send personalized messages & discount offers to your accounts.


Create contacts for each account to manage digital contactbook.


Manage all the offline & cloud documents using centralized manager.

Ticket Management

Implement omni-channel customer engagement platform which enables customers to give you feedback via multiple channels.

Our Machine Learning Backed Engagement platform interprets your customer's emotions and gives you actionable insights to provide rich customer experience.

Our smart ticket management helps your support executive to keep track of every feedback & complaints and assign them to relevant department for speedy closure.


Activities & Tasks

Create your own activities & tasks in the CRM, view them in calendar mode, invite &assign to your team members,
setup recurring events and get real-time sms/mail notifications.


Savings Chit System

Run your own customized savings chit program for your store with multiple variants ranging from amount based chit to grams based chit concept.

Create unique barcodes for each chitbook and simplify chit entry process with 1 click process.

Customize your own chitbook numbers, print formats and savings chit rules using configurable chit manager.


Group Chit

Smart group entry system enables you to do group chit entries.

Gifts Manager

Create gifts for each savings program and manage them efficiently.

Multiple Payments

Receive payments from your customers via multiple modes.

Payments Integrations

Get payments from your customers using online payment gateway & mpos.

Omni Channel CRM

Manage the complete lifecycle from lead generation, lead nurturing to lead conversion using centralized omni channel CRM management system.

Capture every detail of your meetings using built-in notes system.

Send personalized invite via sms or mail to your customers and work together to do more.

Run targetted campaigns for your customers across multi channels like SMS, Mails, Calls, Social Media & many more.


SMS Campaign

Target prospects by running smart sms campaigns and grow your sales pipeline.

Email Campaign

Run targeted email campaigns with 100% deliverability guarantee and personalized emails.

Voice Campaign

Use our text to voice conversion engine to run automated voice calls to reach your customers.

Lead Generation

Customize the lead form to suit your business needs & capture relevant data to close deals.

Lead Nurturing

Constantly nurture relationship with prospects via channels like sms, email and calls.

Lead Conversion

Convert good prospects from leads into opportunities using lead conversion system.