Products Manager

One Stop Configurable Engine.

Products Master

Competitive market demands the need to introduce new products to end consumers & adapt to the changing needs of the industry.

Our Product Manager empowers you to manage all the core aspects of products ranging from metal/purity settings to detailed product configuration.

We have suite of product modules ranging from metal/purity to storage & category management to efficiently manage product masters.


Metal & Purity

Create your own personalized catalog of metal & purity you sell at the store.


Unlimited product categorization gives you the power to get in-depth analytics.

Custom Settings

Enjoy the freedom to set more than 15+ custom settings @ product level.

Size Master

Set the sizes @ product category or product level and manage your inventory efficiently.

Products Charges

Surprise your customers with personalized charges applied for them for being a loyal customer at your store.

Set customized additional charges like making charge, wastage etc. for each product & its weight range based on customer loyalty groups or specific customers.


Storage Manager

Create your virtual store by defining the structure of your store consisting of counters, trays, trolleys, boxes etc. and
minimize any burglary attempts by tracking storage based stock in seconds.


Reorder Level System

Dead stock can reduce profitability of your store by 20% and increase your stock management inefficiency leading to decrease in sales.

Set minimum & maximum reorder levels for each product based on vendor & weight range using ROL Manager.

Get real-time notifications via sms or mail of your depleting stocks & generate products list to re-order with click of a button.


Stone Management

Stones plays an integral part of our exclusive jewellery collections and diamonds are an embodiment of how mankind defines luxury.

Our in-depth stone management system empowers you to configure & store every aspect of stones from ruby to diamonds and helps you to efficiently manage them from stock to sales.


Stone Category

Create your own personalized stone catalog using unlimited stone categorization for your store.

Stone Settings

Set the stone parameters like stone size, 4cs, shape, depth and many more with stone master module.


Multiply your profits by creating custom pricebooks based on your customer groups or specific customers.