Secure. Powerful. Complete.

User Access Control

Scaling business in mind but worried about security of your business operations? Sales Neuron makes your dream a reality by delivering most secure user access control solution to manage all the access rights of your users at granular levels of the application.

Get detailed audit log & login history to track any unauthorized access and any wrongdoing in the application.


Backup & Restore

Are you equipped with uncertainity you might encounter with your business data? Take preventive action by backing up all your essential data on regular basis.

Your system crashed during peak season and disrupted your operations? Power up our restore engine with latest backup file and you are live with your software in minutes.



Quickly backup your sensitive data on daily basis with click of button and forget worrying about losing business data.


Too busy with business ops? Schedule your backup & we will automatically take backup at the scheduled time.


Take Security to next level by scheduling automatic backup of your data to mail server or your dedicated cloud servers.

Smart Authorization

Security is the heart of what we do in our organization. We understand your expectations on security & our solutions have been designed to deliver smart authorization systems.


IP Restrictions

Worried about losing data by unauthorized access outside biz premises? Restrict access with IP.


Enjoy military grade 256 bit encryption and be safe from losing your business data during unauthorized access.

2 Factor System

Amplify your security engine by enabling two factor authentication process & nullify the unauthorized access.

Physical Security

Invested huge money in physical security of your business with high end security cameras & access doors and still facing burglary cases?

Add smart intelligence to your physical security units by integrating them with our application and tracking burglary situations in real-time and minimize business loss.



Track unauthorized access with facial recognition enabled security solutions & watch live feed for each transaction.


Integrate state of art infrastructure with RFID enabled inventory and get real-time emergency alarms on unbilled stock items.


Integrate your fire sensors with our application and immediately lock down access to secure systems.

& Sensors

Does your physical security sends notification on security breach?We integrate door sensors that can be managed remotely.

Futuristic Security

Experience the future of security NOW. We bring the best of the futuristic security solutions to you in most simplified way to secure your business operations.

Add most secure authentication for your secure zones with our IRIS, Vein & Facial biometric integrations.

Ever wondered that you can open the door of your secure locker using your smart watch? We make it possible by integration with leading smart watches bringing security closer to you.


Motion Sensors

Anyone intruding your secure zones at nights? Get real-time notifications via our motion sensors.

Wearable Tech

Get real-time security notifications using wearable technologies like watch & security bands.

Multi Biometrics

Turn your business into fortress powered with multi biometric integrations like facial, fingerprint etc.