Stock Manager

Managing Stock, Simplified.

Lot Management

Minimize the stock loss during transition from procurement to stock entry process using lot concept.

Manually create lot based on your procurement or system will auto create lot based on every purchase entry done in the application.

Get real-time notifications of current status of each lot to track pieces & weight of the items pushed to stock by the operator.


Stock Management

Simple, powerful & quick stock manager helps you to manage all stock types storing 10+ parameters for each stock item.

Stock manager automatically assigns products to its respective storage & auto populates relevant additional charges from product charges module.Integrated stone management enables you to store detailed stone information for products @ stock level.

Seamlessly integrate with lot concept to provide real-time visibility of stock entry process.


Untag Manager

Maintain all the loose items you cannot tag with unique id.

Bulk Tagging

Generate unique tag ids for items with similar specifications.

Price Tagging

Manage the stock items sold at piece rate using price tagging.

Image Manager

Upload images via local or online storage or take photos via web cameras.

Weighing Scale

Auto transfer your item weight into the software from weighing scales.

Split Tags

Split individual item tag into multiple items with unique tag id.

RFID Stock Taking

Take stock of your products in minutes than hours with smart RFID integration. We provide you with multiple options to take stock like storage wise, product wise, purity wise and many more.

We crunch large amount of stock taking data and generates beautiful dashboards related to your stock management to make informed decisions.

We are launching stock taking robot engine that will take stock of your products automatically without any human intervention and give you real-time notifications.


Tag Templates

Enjoy the freedom to customize your tag designs anytime without technical expertise using tag templates. Create unlimited tag designs to suit your business needs by pasting prn file of your printer design in our system.


Transfer Management

Track real-time transfer of items from safe lockers to display trays using transfer system.

Transfer multiple tag items between two locations within store in seconds using RFID Integration.